Tai chi (taiji, taijiquan, tai chi chuan) is an art formed of sequels of slow, round and soft movements, which have deep roots in ancient martial arts. Combined with chi kung (qi gong) practice it balances and strengthens practitioner’s vital energy.

We are a branch of the International Tai Chi Chuan Association (ITCCA) and started teaching tai chi and chi kung in Sweden in 2015. Our tai chi chuan comes from the rich tradition of Yang-family. This tradition is taught in all ITCCA schools and transmitted by master Chu King Hung.

Tai chi and chi kung
• Benefit health and well-being
• Develop concentration and sense of one’s own body
• Enhance harmony, joy and inner strength
• Are good for people of all ages and with different physical skills

Next beginner’s courses start in September 2018 in Stockholm.

You are most welcome to join our tai chi classes!

You can email us at info@itcca.se or telephone us + 358 45 6503213.